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Korsanlar Cave

It's a sea cave under the historical peninsula where there is the Alanya Castle. Sea transportation is done by boats. Around the peninsula, according to the tour programmes, it's the first cave. Little boats can enter the cave. You can...

Dim Cave

It is located 12 km east of Alanya, on the slope of Cebel-i Reis Mountain of 1,649 metres. It has an altitude of 232 m. The cave is introduced to the visitors in 1998 and it is the second biggest...

Aşıklar Cave

The cave, situated by the side of the historical peninsula, has got two entrances. After the boat comes alongside the rocks towards Cilvarda promontory, it's able to reach the cave by rock climbing. You can reach the low entrance with...

Fosforlu Cave

It's a sea cave on the side of Damlataş Cave in the peninsula. Little boats are able to enter the cave. Because of its geological construction the ground shines almost as if phosphorecently at nights due to the reflection of...

Dim Brook

Dim Brook takes its source from the Taurus and flows to the Mediterranean from the east of Alanya; there are picnic areas on the coast of it which is 15 km inside from the coast of the Mediterranean. In summer...

Oba Brook

Coming from the Taurus Mountains, Oba Brook falls into the Mediterranean from the west of Dim Brook. There are picnic areas in Kadıpınarı whre the brook rises.

The shade of pine and plane trees is always cool. Kadıini...

Damlataş Cave

Damlataş Cave was discovered in 1948 quite by accident while minig for building of the harbour. It is located at the western foot of hold peninsula. There is a 50 m passage at the entrance. After the passage there comes...

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