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Historical Places

History of Alanya

There are magnificent monuments in the citadel of Alanya, which is the nominee for Unesco Cultural Heritage of the world. Along with the monuments such as the walls, Kızılkule, the dockyard and the gun house, old houses of Alanya inhabited...

Citadel of Alanya

The Citadel of Alanya, the walls of which are nearly 6.5 kilometres long, is on a peninsula whose height is up to 250 metres from the sea level. Although the settlement on Alanya peninsula, also known as Kandeleri, dates back...

Red Tower
It's in the harbour. The octagonal shaped building that's the symbol of the city is a work by Selcuks of the 13th century. It was built in 1226 by Ebu Ali Rehç el Kettani, a master builder from Aleppo and had...
The Dockyard

Its construction started in 1227, six years later than the Sultan's conquest of the city, near Kızılkule and finished in one year. The Side of the dockyard overlooking the sea and having five cells with arches is 56.5 metres long...

The Minting House

They are the buildings on Cilvarda Bay that has bluffs, nearly 400 meters long and they are at the end of the peninsula. Although known as "the Minting House" in public, those buildings made of stone blocks have never been...

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